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If the names are the same, it is difficult to know which AP your device is connecting to. On the other hand, with different SSID names, you can see both in the list of APs on your client device eg tablet , making it easy to choose whichever you prefer. Also, most devices will connect to the strongest signal by default. If you have followed the above procedure, wireless clients will be able to connect to your new AP. It was deactivated as part of the procedure. Thanks to Neil Pellinacci for the basic process. Then connect devices by ethernet to the secondary hub in order to receive an internet and network connection.

In my case i have a home hub 5 and want to route through a home hub 2.

There are some procedures out there but the ones I saw would involve re-flashing the firmware on your Hub 2. Apart from that, the link is likely to be a bit flakey, as your devices hanging off the hub 2 will all have to share the wireless bandwidth. Jim, thank you for the post.

It all seems very logical.

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My one stumbling block is getting admin access in the first place. I have a home hub 3.

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I have factory reset countless times, but each time I try to enter the admin page via Any ideas? Many thanks in advance. Go to file explorer then on the left it will say network, open that. After if the hub is connected by Ethernet then it will show up with bt hub something click on that. Any ideas would be fantastic.

Hi Tim. I am not sure why the hub is not showing up for you. It could be because your PC is not receiving an IP address properly. Please try the suggestions in the next couple of comments — namely, use commands ifconfig -a, ipconfig or winipcfg to check that your PC has an IP address. What about the preceding step — did your PC receive a IP address from the hub? Different commands work in different versions of Windows. Thank you Jim and Neil. All the best, Peadar. Just done this with hub 1.

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We now have wifi in the room above the garage. Many thanks. Thanks Peadar and Disrepdog, that confirms it works on the Hub 1. Glad it helped. Hi, have followed your method and it all seems to be going well BT HH 1. I have changed IP etc and got wifi connection but on connecting my ethernet cable to BT Hub 3 I do not gain any connection to the internet… Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks.

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Hi Chris, is sounds like you are having trouble with the very last bit of the procedure — connecting your HH 1. You need to run an ethernet cable from your HH 1. Just connect an ethernet cable from any free port on the HH 1. You could alternatively connect the HH 1. For example, my main router HH 3 is upstairs, and connects by a long cable to an ethernet switch downstairs. My old HH 1 repurposed as a wireless access point is also downstairs, connected by an ethernet cable to a free port on the ethernet switch. Probably obvious but not to me — how do you connect from the main to the slave hub — i.

Definitely to the ethernet port.

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The broadband port is only for connection to the modem if you have infinity. I have tried both the yellow and the red WAN port for the Ethernet cable and neither work. Any ideas please? Hi Jonathan. I am not sure what role that plays in your home network or how it is set up. The article makes no reference to range extenders. I would recommend wiring your re-purposed hub to your main hub directly with Ethernet cable — or if that is not possible, use powerline adapters. When making the connection, use only the yellow ports. These are Ethernet. Ethernet ports are coloured yellow on all BT routers.

Cheers, Jim. Right first time MT Run a CAT5 cable from any free ethernet port on the main hub to a free ethernet port on the slave hub. This will make your slave hub part of your main network. You are talking about a wireless bridge, which would be a completely different procedure. See my reply to Dominic above for more info. I live in an accommodation block with free Internet via RJ45 sockets in each room. I want to use the hub to convert the wired connection to wireless for use with tablets etc…. I IPconfig-ed the settings while connected to the wall and got a gateway of Following this guide I successfully changed the hub IP to Not on the new our old IPs, or on the default after a hard reset.

Hi Jordan As I understand it, you are supplied with an ethernet outlet already RJ45 , and you are just using the HH3 to add a wireless facility to that. I think it might be possible, but your accommodation block is using an unusual IP range You connected your PC to the wall and typed ifconfig, showing an address of You need to know that, so you can give your Hub a permanent IP address outside of that range. The only way to find out is to ask your administrator, can you do that?

I would advise you to start the procedure over again from the start, that should give you access to your Home Hub again. Proceed but with the following modifications:. As a test, you could just choose a value, like Hi all — I now have two BT HH5s — can I take it that the procedures are essentially those as described above with regard to using one as a repeater? Hi, I have a netgear router as my main one, and a load of HH3s to use as repeaters, i only need to use one of them though, how can i network these, to use the HH3 as a repeater and a switch as well please?

Having done that, you can also use the spare ethernet ports on the HH3 to provide wired access to your home network. What I am saying is: the extra ethernet ports automatically provide wired access.

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This is what I do with my HH1. Hi Jim Many thanks for putting up this resource. It just sits there trying to load the page and after failing load, the address is not accessible via browser. I have tried changing the address to random, say I wonder if you have any ideas. This works now. Still a mystery but am not complaining. Thanks for putting the guide up. Hi Sam. Have an old BT HH3. Hi Raj. It is similar to the question asked by Dominic, above. These can provide a wired link using mains wiring. Have done this using two HH5s it works fine but one thing to note is that the repeater hub will light solid orange and the red broadband light will flash continuously.

I have one issue, the AP hub changes light colours every now and then. It seems to do some type of reboot which makes it go through the range of light colours before settling on solid amber and flashing red B. Hi Khalid. However it seems your AP home hub 5 is rebooting every now and then. A couple of other people have reported it too.

It seems just that some HH5s are a little unstable, perhaps due to firmware.

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  • Hi Ewan, glad it was useful. Powerlines are a good way to connect. Yes, the old router providing the second wireless access point continues to have a different SSID to the main router. This is desirable in a way. It means you always know which of the two wireless APs your device is connected too. Having different SSIDs allows you to confirm that that is happening. Also, I am not sure the roaming behaviour just described would work properly. However, if it works for you, give it a try.