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Of course they will. Admit that…. Of course, Ancestry. I agree that subscription models do typically provide a better revenue stream for the provider. But they can provide benefits for the consumer, as well. For instance, the Microsoft Office Home subscription includes five licenses so that it can be used on multiple devices for an entire family. Additionally, the customer always has the most-current version and the latest features available for the price of the subscription.

In most cases, a subscription model needs to be a win-win option in order for it to survive. I have done the transition to RootsMagic and ran into a major problem. If you have used the Description field in the Fact you may lose some of your information. The import into RootsMagic truncates the information if you have too many characters.

I have written a detailed report of my experience on my FaceBook page and set it to Public so others can read if interested.

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I have spent about 20 minutes or more on each program in my current consideration list. For ease of use right from the get go I have to go with MacFamilyTree. Two things are your friend double click and the gear icon at the bottom. Although one of the reviews says there is no option to print charts and books that is not true.

And there is a Problem Spotter alert, plain as day and easy to use. And even a game—if you wanted to test yourself or kids. I just love the clean, beautiful functionality except where there is no MAC version. This program like Reunion was built for a MAC and it clearly shows. I have not purchased any yet but so far I am leaning heavily in the MFT direction. My problem is that I live in a location that is classified as remote rural even though it is less than an hour from one of the largest cities in Florida. That means I do have DSL part of the time but not reliably. Cloud is not an option.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in my type of area.

Install Legacy Family Tree 7.5 with CrossOver Mac

Many have even worse service than I have. We are being abandoned by these companies. That is why we are angry. So, how will I be able to transfer my data to another program? I do my work on my own computer, with multiple back-ups, so I am interested in something that stays at home.

3 Things to Consider with the End of Family Tree Maker

How will I get that transferred? FamilySearch will display in ANY web browser. I use FamilySearch oftcen without difficulties. I suspect you have a Pop-up blocker or something similar installed in your computer. Yes, Cloud services are appealing and the future for many IT services. But please consider, nobody guarantees you, that your Cloud provider will be there in 5 or 10 years from now. This was recently expressed at a Cloud conference I visited. Always make sure, your Cloud provider gives you the ability to have a local copy of your data or you have the ability to export it.

You might need to change Cloud provider in the future. It is a truth universally acknowledged with all due apologies to Jane Austin that nothing in the computer industry lasts forever, including FTM, and thus it is never a good idea to marry yourself to any single solution. Those whose data is all in their Ancestry trees are now coming to grips with that reality. Like Mr. Eastman, I run my own private cloud server, which means no subscription fees and it will be there as long as I am.

In general, keep your data in the cloud for convenience. Keep redundant backups locally for security. Through v5.

Customer Story – Family Tree Maker

One was by directly embedding them; the other was by including links to the files. Directing embedding could potentially result in huge files and long transmission times, and was never widely implemented. Support for direct embedding was dropped in draft standard 5. Big question and what could be a simple answer….

Can someone else verify that? To my knowledge, no other genealogy product ever used GEDZ files. Thanks, Dick, for your fast reply. This is day 1 of New Ancestry on line. I am a serious about my genealogy.

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I for one would never try to work on my tree online. Connections are slow in some places and nonexistent in other places. Browsers become unstable. Phones and tablets are too small for my liking. I have for years enjoyed Family Tree Maker and will continue to enjoy it until my brother can no longer fix my computers that support the software.

I, about once a year, print my tree and all information as so to have a hard copy. I also back all my information onto a thumb drive and I have it synced in ancestry. Times do change but come hell or high water my hard earned data will be available for my descendants to enjoy. Just switched FTM with , people to Legacy 8 and everything went fine.

Only had 8 errors to fix. I ignored Win 8 but Win 10 seems attractive, so I was delighted to read here that some users Sue say FTM works with it, something that the Ancestry agent I talked to on Monday said it would not. What a fantastic resource to guide my future steps on choosing or not an FTM replacement. Scratch that idea! Rather than put Legacy on my iMac, I tried iFamily it was nice, but maybe too different? Heredis is good and seems to have almost all the features I want. Still, I keep wondering if there is something else I should be trying — Reunion 11, for example.

I dream of settling on a program once and for all, of stopping the search for a greener-pasture genealogy program, and finally getting my 40 years of research in order! I do think if you run parallells Family Historian may be a good option. I really like some of the functions available on MFT not found elsewhere. I think that speaks well for the company that they are always incorporating new technology and users needs.

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Thanks for your comments, Kelly. What was your experience with Reunion and Heredis? Michael, Reunion surprised me that it seemed stodgy and at almost 4 times the price of Heredis or MacFamily just nothing special.

Family Tree Maker to - by Ancestry « Genealogy Software Reviews

Heredis was cool but the thing was I just kept going back to MacFamily. I found it easy on the eye, loved the layout and it seemed designed for a MAC which Reunion and MacFamilyTree are exclusive for MACs then I found some of the mapping functions and statistics that the others do not offer and beautiful charts especially the Fan ones….

I suggest each person try for themselves and compare features—what you use most and what layout works for you. In five minutes I could find my way around. The bottom line was I found it fun.